May 08

Saint George Days 2012 Photos

Here are some of the pictures i took during this years Saint George town celebrations.

There were a few colorful rides that made interesting pictures when exposed for a longer time.

'Top Spin' Carnival Ride'Top Spin' Carnival ride"Top Spin" Carnival Ride'XXL Ranger''Crazy Dance'

There were also fireworks marking the end of the week long celebration, they weren’t very spectacular, it’s a small town with an even smaller budget after all, but still worth photographing.


  1. Diana

    I was counting from the first fireworks picture 😛

  2. Diana

    Saint George fireworks! This brings back so many memories, I used to make my dad carry me on his shoulders all the way to the park and durring the show… He never complained (until I got older and heavier, walking just isn’t the same).
    The 5th is my favorite! It’s perfectly centered and focused… but still reminds me of fairy dust from disney. Perfect combination! Good photography!

    1. JoeGP

      Thanx again, i used to be carried like that too and i used my dads ears as handlebars 😀

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