Mar 10

Balea Lake (2012 May)

These photos were taken on a 1 day trip to Balea Lake in the Carpathian mountains. It’s located on the Transfagarasan, which is a pretty famous road that cuts across the mountains, as you can tell by the first picture it’s famous for it’s corners, making it somewhat of a drivers paradise, make sure you watch the episode that Top Gear UK did on it.

It was a very nice excursion even if it was pretty short, and i’m told we were very lucky to get such good weather.

Balea_Lake_May_2012_01_JGP-Photography Balea_Lake_May_2012_02_JGP-Photography




Just after i took this photo my camera started acting up and after wasting precious minutes i figured out that the problem was, the battery grip broke. Read more about that here.





It’s interesting how different the lake looked from one minute to another.

Balea_Lake_May_2012_07_JGP-Photography Balea_Lake_May_2012_11_JGP-Photography

Balea_Lake_May_2012_10_JGP-Photography Balea_Lake_May_2012_09_JGP-Photography Balea_Lake_May_2012_08_JGP-Photography

Balea_Lake_May_2012_12_JGP-Photography Balea_Lake_May_2012_13_JGP-Photography

On the way home it was really hot in the minibus, the air conditioning was on but it was as effective as a mouse coughing on you, but at least we had a pretty nice dinner at Hanul din Ardeal (The Transylvanian Inn) and a brief but pretty sunset.


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